I have been interested in birth and all things related since high school. I always knew I wanted to be a mom and experience pregnancy and childbirth. In my senior year, I attended a health careers class and was put in the L&D department, there I witnessed 2 births and it was amazing. It was something special that I will not forget. I knew this is where I needed to be, in the labor room. I found my love in high school and we got married shortly after we graduated. I knew I wanted kids right away and after 2 years of trying I had my first child; a daughter. Since then I went on to have 2 more beautiful daughters. Each birth was different, and I learned a lot from all three! For my first two births, I did not really know much about the whole process and what I wanted from a birth experience and while I do not regret what happened I realized I didn’t have much of a voice and went along with what was offered to me. Which resulted in an epidural and long labor in my back. I was surrounded by supportive people, but I needed someone who was there to help my husband know specifically how to support me, and someone who stayed focused on me and my birth priorities. My third birth was a whole different situation. I had many years between my 2nd and 3rd I was able to really research what wanted and how I went about achieving that. I had the opportunity to have TWO doulas attend my birth and it was amazing having them there supporting me and my husband. I was able to labor and birth how I wanted, it was quick and completely pain and med free.

Their support and the feeling of empowerment I had made me revisit the idea of being a part of this whole experience. I wanted to be a doula and that is what I did. I love still learning and experiencing all things birth. I desire to help women have a satisfying and empowering birth as well as all the support they would need postpartum. I am willing to attend births in and out of the hospital. I would like to help women learn their options and determine their own preferences for birth. I would like to support partners in their efforts to comfort, support, and help mom along her amazing journey.


i strive to Support with compassion, kindness & Empathy

A birth doula supports you during labor and delivery, but a postpartum doula lends a hand and offers knowledge and support once you bring your baby home.